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Which iron is best? We have strict criteria for including products on this site including performance, value for money, features and user feedback, so we only include those that meet that criteria.

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    After more than a year of hard work, we are pleased to present our brand new site design, just in time for our 5th birthday this year! Thanks for all your feedback, we've been able to incorporate many of your ideas. Some of our new features include:

    • New layout works with desktop computers and laptops, tablets and mobiles
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    Thanks for visiting, we hope you enjoy using the site and that your search for a new steam iron will be sucessful.

  • Ironing Boards Round-up

    One thing that helps get the ironing over and done with quickly is a decent ironing board. Trivia note: some manufacturers call theirs 'ironing tables'. There are many different sizes available depending on your needs and budget so here is our top buying advice plus we summarise some of the best boards on the market right now. [More...]

  • Braun Relaunch Iron Range in UK

    Braun Steam Iron RangePremium German brand Braun have recently relaunched their steam irons and 6 models are now available. There are in fact two ranges, the TexStyle 3 for everyday use and TexStyle 7 for the power users among you.

    The TexStyle 3 range features two models, the TS345 and TS355A. Competitively priced, they both offer a ceramic soleplate, 30g of continuous steam and a 100g steam shot. The 355A adds an auto off safety feature - one of the cheapest to do so.

    The TexStyle 7 range has 4 models, the TS725 and TS745A both have Eloxal anodised coated soleplates for superior scratch resistance, up to 50g of continuous steam and a generous 180g steam shot. The TS745A adds auto off.

    The two top models are the TS755 and TS765A with premium Saphir soleplates - 4 times harder than stainless steel and virtually scratchproof! Steam shot is boosted to 200g/min and both irons have a more comfortable open handle design. All 7 series models have large 400ml water tanks.

    All models have a 2 year manufacturer's warranty for extra peace of mind. Read our exclusive hands-on review of each model!

    Braun Steam Iron Range

  • Steam Generator Iron Reviews

    Here is the first in a new series of our in-depth features in which we look at 3 of the most popular steam generators on the market at the moment. We're looking at three very different models here, all with unusual features - it's a must read if you are looking for a steam generator now! [More...]

  • Welcome Morphy Richards

    Morphy Richards 42223We are pleased to announce that we are now featuring Morphy Richards as a retailer on our site. Buy with confidence direct from the manufacturer!

    One of their best selling models right now is the Power Steam Elite 42223 which has a huge 2 litre water tank and delivers up to 180grams of steam per minute!

    There's also an auto-shut off facility and a 2 year guarantee for total peace of mind all round.

    Read more on the Morphy Richards 42223

  • New Cordless Irons from Tefal

    Following on from the success of it's predecessor the FV9920, Tefal have now launched two new models, both available at John Lewis and others.

    Tefal Freemove CordlessThere's the FV9970 and the slightly less powerful FV9965 which is great value at around £50.

    Forget any previous experiences you may have had with underpowered cordless irons in the past that only lasted a few seconds before needing a recharge, these irons have 2600 watts and are as powerful as any corded rival.

    On it's own, both irons are well priced given the spec, but we think they will particularly appeal to people who find the cord always getting in the way of the ironing.

    Read more: Tefal FV9970 Cordless Iron

  • Meet the Philips Brothers!

    Philips GC2045Two fairly new entries in the Philips range caught our eye this week. The 2045/26 and GC2045/40 seem technically similar although the colour schemes are quite different and they seem to be available at different retailers (but not both from the same one!). We also think the GC2045/26 comes in a fancy looking box!

    Spec wise they both have 2300 watts, 35g of continuous steam and a respectable 120g steam shot.

    At the time of writing, Currys have the GC2045/26 (the one with with fancy box) on sale for around £35, beating Amazon by £10!

    Read More: Full details on the GC2045 model/s

  • Clean Up With the Hoover Steam Generator

    Hoover Steam GeneratorLast year Hoover launched their first Steam Generator, and since then it has developed quite a following with some great user feedback. One of it's big talking points is the patented steam brush attachment.

    This makes it so easy to steam hanging items like dresses, jackets and curtains. We wonder why nobody thought of it before!

    Originally launched at quite a high price, you can now find it for around £200 or less.

    Read More: Hoover Ironspeed SRD4110

  • New Double-Ender from Panasonic!

    Panasonic Steam IronJust when you thought there could be no more innovations in steam iron design, Panasonic bring out their new NI range.

    As well as being stylish and good to look at, the soleplate is pointed at both ends. So with two 'ends' this means far less rotating and twisting, which should result in a quicker and more comfortable ironing experience.

    Full Product Details: Panasonic NI-W920A Steam Iron

  • New Power Demon from Bosch

    Bosch TDS5070Another iron featuring Bosch's 'Edition Rosso' branding, this one certainly lives up to the strong image those colours suggest.

    Its got a massive 3050 watts on tap making just about the most powerful iron on the market (only really matched by other Bosch models).

    The continuous steam output of 50g is pretty useful and so is the 200g steam shot. It's certainly one for the shortlist if you need an iron that performs as good as it looks.

    Read More: Bosch TDA5070

  • New GC4912 from Philips

    Philips GC4912If you are often confused about which heat and steam settings to use for particular fabrics, then this could be the iron for you.

    It has OptimalTemp technology that has already featured in their steam generator range.

    It will automatically maintain safe heat and steam output for any kind of fabric - even delicates like silk and cashmere. There's a button to delivery extra steam for thicker fabrics but that's it for user controls!

    Read More: Philips GC4912 Fully Automatic Steam Iron

  • New Entry Level from Tefal

    Tefal Budget Steam Generator

    Tefal has finally caught up with other brands and launched a sub-£100 steam generator iron, the "GV5225 Easy Pressing".

    It's quite basic in terms of specification, there isn't any kind of anti-calc system and there isn't even a see-through water tank.

    It does retain the smooth ceramic soleplate of the bigger Tefal models and the smaller 1 litre water tank does mean the unit is less bulky than them too.

    Read More: Tefal GV5225 Budget Steam Generator

  • Budget Level Ceramic Soleplate


    If you're looking for a budget steam iron but still want a recognisable name and a smooth ceramic soleplate, then the Philips Easyspeed 2042 could be the one.

    With only 35g of continuous steam and 100g steam shot, it won't win any awards but this is still a decent amount of steam for most uses.

    At around £30 at John Lewis including their renowned 2 year warranty it's hard to beat as an entry level model, and ideal for students just starting uni!

    Read More: Philips Easyspeed GC2042

  • Water for Steam Irons

    Water is just water isn't it? Well, actually no.

    Many people are unsure about exactly what water they should use in their steam iron or steam generator iron and there seems to be much conflicting advice online.

    Read our new article on the subject - use the right water and follow your iron's cleaning procedures to prolong the life of your iron and keep it in tip-top condition.

    Oh yes, and check out our cool water animation too!

    Read more about water and your steam iron

  • Distinctive - The Masculine Scented Washing Powder

    DistinctiveDistinctive is a new biological, designer label safe, masculine scented washing powder - you don’t even add an extra fabric softener!

    It's suitable for mixed loads and combines the opulence of amber with the calming notes of sandalwood. This tried and tested combination has been known for centuries as the ultimate blend for seduction!

    Find out more at Distinctive Wash

  • Philips PerfectCare - Look No Settings!

    Last year Philips launched their revolutionary PerfectCare range of steam generators that are fully automatic - there are no steam or heat settings for the user to worry about, you just have move the iron over your garment and the iron does the rest!

    Update: Now their steam iron range is starting to include the PerfectCare automatic controls, bringing this great feature within reach of lower budgets.

    See the Philips Perfect Care Range

  • Review: Minky Ergo Prozone Ironing Board

    This is a great value ironing board with a range of useful features and it's made in the UK to boot! The mesh design helps steam pass through while the cover features a special metallised area to reflect the heat back. With such a range of height adjustments, you can even iron sitting down! [More...]

  • Cordless Comeback!

    Philips GC4810 Cordless

    Cordless irons have been rather conspicuous by their absence in recent years especially from the bigger manufacturers. However Philips have now rectified this with their brand new cordless Azur model.

    Although it's cordless, the clever base is in two parts - the iron rest and the cordless charging base. Clever because the cordless base can be attached to the iron turning it into a regular corded one so you get maximum flexibility.

    Spec wise the continuous steam output tops out at 30g per minute, which is a little below average these days, though there is a beefy 160g steam shot which should suffice for even quite thick fabrics. The ceramic soleplate is anodilium coated making it ultra scratchproof.

    If you are constantly annoyed by the flex of your current iron, this could be the answer! Available now from Amazon and John Lewis.

    Read More: New Philips Cordless Iron

  • Older News Items Click title to view
  • Morphy Richards 301012

    Morphy Richards 301012

    We're revamping our hands-on reviews, with expanded details and more pictures! We're also preparing a brand new look for the website with a fresh layout and mobile compatibility.

    In the first of our extended reviews, we look at the Morphy Richards Comfigrip 301012 and see if it's unusual design and low price make one for your shortlist.

    Read More: Morphy Richards 301012 Steam Iron

  • Morphy Richards Best Value Steam Generator

    Morphy Richards 42221 Generator

    A recent new model from Morphy Richards, the 42221 is priced at around £100 but has a few features that you might not expect at this low price, which has not surprisingly made it a popular buy at the moment.

    First, the water tank is extremely generous at 1.7 litres. This really cuts down on the amount of refilling you'll need to do especially over extended ironing sessions.

    It also delivers steam at up to 160g per minute, which although is only at 4.5 bar pressure, is still plenty to tackle even thick fabrics. There is a handy auto-off safety feature which is something else not normally found in this price range.

    There's some excellent user feedback from Amazon users and at around £100 including delivery, it makes a very strong case for itself!

    Read More: Morphy Richards 42221 Generator

  • New Steam Generator Irons From Tefal

    Tefal has just released updates to two of it's top steam generator iron models. As well as some upgraded steam outputs, they also deliver pressure at an amazing 5.5 bar with the GV8461 at 6 bar. Also present is a new eco mode which uses 20% less energy. Currently available at a bit of a premium to their replacements, which you might still find available at some retailers.

    Tefal GV8431

    Tefal Pro Express GV8431
    A replacement for the GV8431, this new model retains the clever anti-calc system of it's predecessor and has the same steam output of 120g (now delivered at the upgraded rate of 5.5 bar) and now also gains the turbo mode of a 240g steam shot which the GV8430 lacked.

    Read More: Tefal GV8431

    Tefal GV8461Tefal Pro Express Turbo GV8461
    This is the replacement for the GV8361 and has an upgraded 260g turbo shot (that's up from 220g on the old one and 200g on the one before!). Otherwise it shares all the other great features of the GV8431.

    Read More: Tefal GV8461

  • Cordless Comeback!

    Philips Cordless IronCordless irons have been rather conspicuous by their absence in recent years especially from the bigger manufacturers. However Philips have now rectified this with their brand new cordless Azur model.

    Although it's cordless, the clever base is in two parts - the iron rest and the cordless charging base. Clever because the cordless base can be attached to the iron turning it into a regular corded one so you get maximum flexibility.

    Spec wise the continuous steam output tops out at 30g per minute, which is a little below average these days, though there is a beefy 160g steam shot which should suffice for even quite thick fabrics. The ceramic soleplate is anodilium coated making it ultra scratchproof.

    If you are constantly annoyed by the flex of your current iron, this could be the answer! Available now from Amazon and John Lewis.

    Read More: New Philips Cordless Iron

  • New Top of Range from Bosch

    Bosch Ultimate Steam Generator

    With Tefal and Philips both recently launching new top of the range super powerful steam generators, Bosch may have been feeling a bit left out.

    Well, now they've rectified that with their new TDS4570GB model, also rather grandly dubbed the Ultimate Steam Generator and so the battle of the top-end steam generators begins!

    It has an impressive 6 bar of steam pressure which makes it the most powerful currently available. It can output a continuous 130g of steam and has a massive 250g steam shot, all fed from a 1.3 litre water tank. Naturally there is auto-off, eco mode and an advanced anti-scale system.

    Read More: Bosch Ultimate Steam Generator

  • Tefal FV4488 Steam Iron

    Tefal GV4488

    More news from Tefal, and we are seeing a lot of good feedback about the FV4488, a mid range iron.

    It features their UltraGlide ceramic soleplate, highly regarded as a smooth glider which is what you'd probably expect from the company that innovated non-stick coatings!

    The water tank is a little on the small side and the steam shot only goes up to 100g but this model does have an auto off safety feature - not common at this price. A 3 metre power cord is also very useful.

    Read More: Tefal GV4488 Steam Iron

  • Russell Hobbs Easy Fill Steam Iron

    Russell Hobbs Easyfill Iron

    Called 'Heather' owing to it's bright purple colour scheme, the 17877 features Russell Hobb's unique EasyFill system which has a wide funnel located in the base. So much easier than the usual small filling hole and one of the best steam iron features we've seen recently.

    Not only is the illuminated water tank easy to fill, but at 0.4 litres it is also one of the largest capacity tanks in a standard steam iron meaning plenty of steam before a fill-up is required.

    The cord, generous at 3 metres, wraps fully around the base which is handy, and the soleplate is made from ceramic so it glides smoothly over any fabric. Good value and ideal for fuss-free ironing!

    Read More: Russell Hobbs Easyfill Steam Iron

  • Your Steam Iron Reviews

    We're building up quite a knowledge base of steam iron reviews here, but we can always do with more details and feedback!

    If you have experience, good or bad, of a steam iron or steam generator iron featured on this site then why not let us know? you will find a link to a comments form on each of our iron reviews pages. You can even upload a photo if you want!

    Just jot down a few pros and cons as you see them and we'll include your comments along with your name so you'll get full credit. The more information we can provide about each product will make it so much easier for new purchasers seeking the best steam iron for their needs.

  • Bosch Tops The Charts

    Bosch TDS5620gb

    According to market research experts GfK, the Bosch TDA5620 was the most popular selling steam iron in the UK last year.

    With a quick glance at its specification it is not difficult to see why. With 2750 watts on tap it's one of the most powerful and really cuts down heat up times. There's a decent 40g continuous steam output and a 120g steam shot for more stubborn creases.

    Theres a long 3 metre powercord and a 2 year guarantee for peace of mind (second year by registering free on their website).

    Read More: Bosch TDS5620gb Steam Iron

  • What are the Best Steam Generator Irons?

    This is a question we are often asked, and the answer really does depend on your budget of course, and also the amount of ironing that you do on a regular basis.

    The key things to look for when purchasing a steam generator iron are:

    • Ceramic soleplate for the smoothest possible gliding
    • Sufficient wattage for quick heat-up times - ideally 2400 watts or higher
    • Anti scale system to prevent damaging limescale build-up
    • Large water capacity - the bigger the better for power users

    Read through our steam generator iron reviews to find the perfect one for your needs.

    Read More: Best Steam Generator Irons

  • Some Really Useful Articles

    We've written a number of articles on the subject washing, ironing or clothing care. See below for links to them:

Steam Irons Buying Advice

Steam Irons: all you need to know

Here is a quick summary version of our exclusive buyers guide - read the full version here

Steam Irons
Emit low rate continuous steam, but often have higher "burst shots" for stubborn creases

Steam Generator Irons
A hand held iron is coupled to a separate unit with a large water tank producing higher rates of continuous steam for longer. Can halve time spent at the iron

Steam Output
Measured in grams per minute, continuous steam is a constant output; a steam shot is a higher, short burst

Ceramic or stainless steel are best and give smoother gliding and are more scratch resistant

Heat Settings
In additon to the basic temperature presets, some irons can regulate temperature and steam for different fabric types

The higher the watts the quicker the iron heats up

Cord Length
Longer cords (up to 3 metres) will give more flexibility when ironing larger items

Vertical Steam
Iron curtains and clothes as they hang

Auto Off
A safety feature that switches the iron off after a period of inactivity

Choosing the Right Iron

There are many irons on the market, but when it comes to deciding whether you need a steam iron or a steam generator, and how much steam output to go for, there are three main things to review: the size of your average ironing load, the types of fabrics and how often you use the iron.

Other factors include the length of the cable and anti-scale systems if you live in a hard water area. We recommend to try and get one with a ceramic sole plate if possible - they give the smoothest gliding.

Occasional Ironers
If you don't iron on a regular basis then normal steam irons with around 30g of constant steam and a shot of around 80g should suffice.

Average Family
For an average family's weekly ironing needs, consider a more heavy duty steam iron with greater constant steam. Look for one with 2400 watts or more - they heat up and stay hot, quicker. If you have a lot of thicker or crease prone fabrics then you may want to consider a steam generator.

Power Users
Does your ironing pile never seem to go down, iron working overtime? You would certainly benefit from the extra muscle of a steam generator. Their large water tanks can produce huge amounts of high pressure steam for a couple of hours before a top-up is needed. You won't want to go back to using a regular steam iron ever again!

Read the Full Buyers Guide