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17 December 2017NEWS

Ironing Accessories

Some Useful Aids to Ironing Efficiency

Ironing Bored?Do you struggle a bit when ironing - that damn cable keeps getting in the way, worried about delicate fabrics going 'shiny', troublesome shirt sleeves?

Well struggle no more, as some clever people have designed various useful acccessories to take all the hassle out of ironing from simple replacement ironing board covers to ironing chairs (yes, really).

Don't iron harder, iron smarter with our round-up of useful gizmos!

Ironing Board Covers, from around £10

Replacement ironing board covers are a great way to brighten a tired old board. Look for one with a nice bit of foam padding for smooth ironing, and a heat reflective surface to reflect the heat back from your iron to crush those creases even quicker.

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Ironing Board Foam, from around £5

If you're rather attached to your board cover but it feels a bit lumpy and uneven, then just replace the foam padding that sits between the cover and the board itself a more luxurious ironing experience. Available in various levels of thickness and sizes - just cut to size and fit under your cover for an instant transformation!

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Iron Holder, from around £11

From homeware experts Brabantia, this deluxe ironing holder has everything you need to keep tidy - heat resistant materials means you can place a hot iron in it, and you can also hang your ironing board from it too. The holder is designed to be wall mounted and being Brabantia you can be sure it will fit well and be able to support your iron and board.

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Iron Rest, from around £8

Another great product from Brabantia is this heat resistant ironing rest. This is particularly useful if you have a small ironing board or if you want the iron to cool down before you put it away and don't want to rest it on its heel while it does so. Heat resistant to 220 degrees, it can be used for other hot items as well.

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Heated Indoor Clothes Airer, around £100

For the deluxe version of a basic airer, look no further than this heated airer from Lakeland. It folds flat just like a conventional airer, and if you're short on space you only need fold out shelves on one side. The 300w heating element will cost only around 6p an hour to run so a very economical (and gentler) alternative to tumble drying.

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Ironing Board Cover Clips, from around £5

Is your ironing board cover more wrinkly than Nora Batty's stockings? These expandable clips snap on to each side underneath your board and help keep the cover nice and taut. So much more effective than the drawstring the most covers have. This pack of 3 includes two large and one small clip and should fit any cover.

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Iron Flex Guide, around £7

Looking a bit like bench clamp with an aerial sticking out, we don't know if it can receive Radio 1, but we do know that it securely holds your iron's flex and keeps it well out of the way of your ironing. Note: this product only fits Brabantia ironing boards.

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Iron Protection Cloth Kit, from around £6

This ingenious mesh cloth (you actually get a pack of two) is ideal for ironing delicate fabrics. Simply place the cloth over the item and iron as normal. It will prevent shiny patches from spoiling the appearnace of your garments. 60cm square so big enough to iron without having to keep moving it around.

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Sleeve Ironing Board, around £6

This mini ironing board makes getting perfect shirt sleeves so easy. It's sturdy and padded - just cover the board with the sleeve and iron. The board folds flat when not in used so it will take up minimal room in your cupboard.

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Folding Indoor Clothes Airer, from around £20

Here's a useful folding clothes airer that doesn't require a degree to operate, nor will it suddenly collapse like a deck of cards. It's mounted on castors too so it's easy to move about, even fully loaded. Total drying capacity is 13kg which is about two average washing loads, it folds flat when not in use so takes up minimal space. We found them so useful we bought two!

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Water Spray Bottle, around £3

We've all been there - those very creased clothes or sheets, or really thick fabrics that seem to take forever to iron. Here's the simple answer - this plastic spray bottle delivers a fine vapour over your ironing which really helps to crush creases quickly. The 500ml capacity is plenty, and delivers an effective mist cloud just where you need it.

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Leifheit Multi Seat, from around £36

I bet you didn't even know these things existed! This type of chair is ideal for 'perching' while ironing or other tasks such as food preparation or musical instrument playing. This is the best selling ironing chair out of a few available on Amazon and it's from Leifheit who are known for their well designed ironing boards. It's fully height adjustable and has a comfy padded seat.

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