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5 February 2018NEWS

Best steam generator irons 2018

Best Steam Generator IronsIt's been a good couple of years for steam iron products - we've seen some great news models from both established and new manufacturers, new innovations in technology and soleplates and high end features like auto-off and automatic controls filtering down to cheaper models.

So as we start the new year, here is our updated review of the best steam generator irons of the year - we've tried to select models in various price bands so whatever your budget you can be sure of picking just the right model!

Steam Generators Explained

Before we dive into the reviews, here are a few buying tips if you are new to the whole steam generator thing!

The Power of Two
A steam generator consists of a base unit with a large water tank and some controls. A hand iron is attached to it and has two cables, one for power and one for steam. This setup has two advantages:

  • The base unit is much more powerful and can produce better steam for longer
  • The hand iron is as much as 50% lighter than a regular iron

Half the Time
Because the steam produced is much more powerful, it can penetrate fabrics deeper, and the larger water tank will mean less time filling up. You could cut your ironing time down by half.

Bulking Up!
Because they are more powerful and can hold much more water, steam generator irons are much bigger and heavier than regular irons. Consider where you are going to store the unit when not in use. You also need to think about your ironing board - it must be able to cope both with the weight and size of the base unit. Look for boards that are specially designed for steam generators. Check our round-up here.

Our Top Rated Steam Generators of 2018

Here is a summary table of the products we are looking at here, prices were correct at time of publication:

Iron Name Price Steam Output* Water Litres Auto Off
Morphy Richards 332002 £120 170g 2.2 Y
Bosch TDS8040GB ProHygienic £350 120g/500g 1.8 Y
Philips GC8735 £185 120g/420g 1.8 Y
Tefal GV9060 £190 120g/430g 1.6 Y
Philips GC9630 £270 135g/470g 1.8 Y

* Continuous steam/Steam shot (if available)

Morphy Power Steam Elite 332002

In Short: A cheap but capable iron with a giant water tank and powerful steam

Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite 332014Morphy Richards produce a number of steam generator irons that have a great spec and are good value for money. This one has a ceramic soleplate, a huge 2.2 litre water tank, safety auto-off, strong 6.5 bar pressure and hassle free auto-clean - so no more rinsing out! Currently on a special offer direct from Morphy for just £120. Full Details

Bosch TDS8040GB ProHygienic

In Short: A top end steam generator to rid your clothes of bugs as well as creases

Bosch TDS8040GB ProHygienicAn innovative new steam generator iron from Bosch that can remove up to 99.9% of bacteria from your clothing without having to use harsh chemicals or wash at high temperature. It's a top end steam generator with all the usual refinements that you'd expect such as a huge 500g steam shot and 7 bar pressure. The ProHygenic setting uses a carefully measured combination of temperature, steam pressure and steam shot pulses to remove almost all bacteria from any ironable material.. Full Details

Philips PerfectCare GC8735/80

In Short: Huge steam output plus a generous water tank

Philips PerfectCare GC8735/80One of the top models in Philips range, this iron has bags of power. 6.5 bar pressure is as good as it gets, and ensures steam is pushed really deep into the fabric making ironing so much easier and quicker. Coupled with a huge steam shot of 420g plus the premium T-Ionic Soleplate, this steam generator is more than a match for anything lurking in your laundry basket. Full Details

Tefal Pro Express Care GV9060

In Short: A popular and very powerful unit with a clever calc-clean system

Tefal Pro Express Care GV9060This new Tefal model follows on from previous generators which have always been consistently popular sellers. This one has got plenty to recommend it like a big water tank, automatic controls and a clever calc-clean system that is relatively fuss-free. 7 bar pressure is just about the most powerful you can get, and if you can buy for around £180 then it's great value. Full Details

Philips GC9630/20 PerfectCare Elite

In Short: Very powerful steam generator with a super light hand iron

Philips GC9630/20 PerfectCare EliteThis high performance steam generator features Philips OptimalTemp technology - this innovative system automatically sets the right heat and steam output for the fabric being ironed, with a guarantee of no burning even on silk. Huge 6.7bar steam pressure, massive 470g steam shot means you'll glide effortlessly through even the most challenging ironing load. Very light hand iron weighs just 0.8 kilos. This makes it ideal if you do a lot of ironing or suffer painful wrists. Full Details