Cheap Steam Irons

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There are many choices when it comes to cheap steam irons (we are setting a maximum price here of £35) but there are a couple of things that even a low-priced iron needs to have in order to be effective.

Firstly, it needs to have more than 2000 watts of power - this ensures there is always plenty of heat and you are not constantly waiting for it to get to temperature. Secondly it needs to have a ceramic soleplate as opposed to stainless steel or 'non-stick' one which tend to be less smooth to glide, are easily scratched and can be more difficult to clean.

These two features do rule out some of the very cheap irons (under £20) but you won't regret spending those extra few pounds when it comes to the weekly ironing chores.

With that in mind, here is a round-up of 5 affordable steam irons from well known brands that can steam their way through a decent load of ironing.

1 Bosch TDA2633GB  2200  30  90 N £35
2 Russell Hobbs 22522  2400 45 130 N £25
3 Morphy Richards 300274  2400 45 120 Y £27
4 Russell Hobbs 21530  2400 45 150 Y £29
5 Philips GC2998  2400 45 170 Y £36

* Average selling price at time this article was published in August 2017

Bosch TDA2633gb1. Bosch TDA2633GB

"A very lightweight iron with a decent length cable"

This bright blue iron from well known German brand Bosch is a little underpowered in the steam stakes, especially the steam shot and the water tank is a little smaller than average too.

However, one big redeeming feature is its weight - only 1 kilo when empty. The average weight of an iron is around 1.3 to 1.5 kilos so this iron will really suit if you suffer wrist strain when ironing.

Full Details: Bosch TDA2633GB

Russell Hobbs 225222. Russell Hobbs Auto Steam Pro 22522

"A long 3 metre cable and quite powerful steam output"

A well priced iron that offers a lot including a full 2400 watts of power, decent 3 metre power cable and a good sized water tank.

There's impressive steam output - second highest in this group - with a maximum output of 130g/minute. The only thing missing is the lack of an auto-off safety feature.

Full Details: Russell Hobbs Auto Steam Pro 22522

Morphy Richards 3002543. Morphy Richards Breeze 300274

"A big water tank and high wattage means lots of steam"

The rather ungainly styling is a bit of a Morphy Richards trademark but this does allow for a larger than average water tank. Coupled with 2400 watts of power and a decent amount of steam output, this iron is quite a workhorse.

You even get auto-off and this is one of the cheapest irons to have this. The rather short cable of 2 metres is the only let down.

Full Details: Morphy Richards Breeze 300754

Russell Hobbs infuse4. Russell Hobbs 21530 Extreme Glide

"Most powerful of the bunch here plus auto-off"

This powerful iron has a natty purple ceramic soleplate infused with Tourmaline (a semi precious stone!) said to give it 55% more glide than their ordinary ceramic soleplate.

A soft-touch handle and a 2.5 metre cord should make ironing that bit more comfortable, while the larger than average water tank means less time spent filling up.

Tipping the scales at 1.3kilos it is heavier than most others here, but it does have more power and features so if weight is not a problem then it does offer a lot for the money.

Full Details: Russell Hobbs 21530 Extreme Glide

Philips Easyspeed GC29985. Philips Easyspeed GC2998

"A lightweight iron with auto off and great steam output"

This Easyspeed range is Philips entry level and tis model is a fairly recent addition so it has a pretty good range of features for the price. It has auto off like many of Philips irons, and in addition to this, the iron has quite powerful steam output that can match some more expensive rivals.

It has a long 3 metre cable, an average sized water tank and the iron itself is slightly lighter than the average at around 1.25 kilos (empty).

Full Details: Philips Easyspeed GC2998