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A pressurised steam generator iron can significantly reduce the amount of time spent ironing. Their extra power ensures the iron remains at the right temperature longer, while a separate, larger water tank means less time spent filling up. Here are 3 of the most popular steam generators on the market now.

Philips PerfectCare GC9222

Philips GC9222

This is the entry level model in Philip's Perfect Care range that was launched last year to much fanfare as they describe it as a revolution in ironing technology utilising their "Optimum Temp" system.

It took them 3 years to develop this system, and judging by user feedback it does actually seem to work. By maintaining a constant temperature setting that is neither too hot nor cold, the iron can be used on all fabrics - even delicates like cashmere - without burning.

Because of the clever electronics inside, there are no user settings at all apart from an "extra steam" button which gives a short boost of 300g. You can iron mixed fabrics without fiddling with settings or worrying about burning or creating those awkward "shiny patches".

Aside from this, the specification of the iron is also impressive: 5.5 bar pressure, 120g continuous steam and a generous 1.5 litre water tank. The smart modern styling complements the advanced inner workings. It makes a compelling case for itself.

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  • Steam: 120 g/min
  • Steam Shot: 300 g/min
  • Water Tank: 1.5 litres
  • Iron Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Price: Around £170

Hoover SRD4110 Steam Generator Iron with Brush

Hoover Ironspeed SRD4110

Hoover aren't that well known for their steam irons and in fact they sort of sneaked out their range of steam generators last year - of which this is the top of the range model with a handy steam brush attachment.

It's quite unusual for a steam generator to come with a brush attachment, but makes the steaming of hanging garments so much easier. It's also good for just lightly steaming garments to freshen them up.

All steam generator units are quite big and bulky, and this one is especially so, which is slightly odd since there is only a 1 litre water tank - a little bit less than most rivals offer. There is hovever, a robust carry handle. Otherwise, there's 5 bar steam pressure which can be delivered at a maximum rate of 110g per minute. A smooth ceramic soleplate comes as standard and there is an auto-off safety feature.

As Hoover spent 5 years developing this range, they have also come up with their own terms - settings include 'diffuse caresse' for delicate fabrics and 'profound' for everyday ironing.

Given that you can easily pay £30 plus for a steam brush by itself, this unit is good value especially now the price has settled to something a bit more sensible.

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  • Steam: 110 g/min
  • Steam Shot: 110 g/min
  • Water Tank: 1 litre
  • Iron Weight: 1.275 kg
  • Price: Around £200

Tefal Pro Express Turbo GV8461

Tefal Pro Express Turbo GV8461

Tefal is a real premium name in steam irons, and their generator range has often been very highly regarded in terms of performance, reliability and features.

An amazing specification make this top of the range iron a real Rolls-Royce of steam generator irons. For a start there is 6 bar pressure where most rivals are only offering 5 or 5.5 bar. A very generous water tank of 1.8 litres is a good idea considering the top steam shot rating is 260g per minute. You do pay for all this though - it does cost around £200 plus like all steam generators it's quite big and bulky.

One of the nicest features of Tefal steam generator irons is the clever anti-calc system. Rather than having to rinse out the boiler to remove limescale deposits, their patented system collects all the deposits as a solid lump which can easily be removed (see diagram). This saves a real chore and makes it one of the best steam generator iron for hard water areas (that's most of England).

We would have no hesitation in recommending this generator if you are looking for the very best steam generator iron.

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  • Steam: 120 g/min
  • Steam Shot: 260 g/min
  • Water Tank: 1.8 litres
  • Iron Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Price: Around £160