Steam Irons for Men

If you are looking to 'encourage' your other half to start doing some household chores or maybe you are taking the initiative and volunteering to begin ironing yourself, then you'll need to get an iron that can deliver the right results and look suitably masculine!

Although it's quite common for irons to be brightly coloured (with pink and purple being particularly common) a surprising number are black or at least neutral in colour, yet have a great specification as well as giving good value for money.

Here is a roundup of 6 top irons and steam generators that wouldn't look out of place amongst men's stuff (prices correct when this article was first published):

Bosch Steam IronBosch TDS5070gb (around £45)

Bosch is all about quality and power and their steam irons are as good as their power tools. Mostly black in colour this steam iron also features flashes of red metallic. This one has over 3000 watts of power so heat up times are really short, and up to 200g of steam output will banish those creases in no time. There's no auto-off though. Full Details

Braun Steam IronBraun TS745a (around £65)

Another quality German product, in a break from the rest of the pastel coloured range, this one has moody black styling and a tough as nails coated soleplate. It has good steam output, a larger than average water tank and a safety auto-off to stop him from burning anything! There's a two year warranty included for good measure. Full Details

Philips Steam IronPhilips GC4914/20 (around £45)

This multi-coloured (but tastefully done) iron from Philips has a very high specification including auto off and up to 190g/min steam shot. It's also quite heavy at 1.5kg (empty) but he probably won't want to be seem complaining about that. It does help crush creases though! Another great feature of this iron is its fully automatic controls – with no fiddly settings there's no excuses! Full Details

Morphy Richards Steam GeneratorMorphy Richards 330001 (around £120)

This steam generator is big and red with a large 2 litre water tank which does make it a bulky beast, but with a huge 300g/minute steam shot and 6.5bar pressure it certainly is a top performer. There's a safety auto-off system as well. It's particularly good value too so it won't break the bank to keep him happy! Full Details

Bosch Steam Generator IronBosch TDS3771gb (around £199)

Another black and red powerhouse from Bosch, this steam generator is solid and stylish and has fully automatic controls for heat and steam so there are no confusing settings for him to complain about! It's pricier than some others but it does give superior results and it's probably the best looking steam generator going. Full Details

Rowenta Steam Generator IronRowenta DG8960 Silence (around £190)

Most steam generators emit some noise when working but this Rowenta is almost completely silent thanks to special noise reduction filters. It has 6 bar pressure which is great, a large 1.5 litre water tank and a stylish silver control panel! Rowenta is owned by Tefal so this unit uses their highly rated calc-clean system which is simplicity itself. Full Details