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Bosch TDA2633GB
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A higher wattage allows the iron to heat up quicker and maintain that heat during your ironing session

Continuous steam output in grams per minute. Higher output = quicker ironing

A short, powerful burst of steam to penetrate deep into creased or thick fabric

Weight of the hand iron without water. Heavier irons can be more stressful on your wrist over long ironing sessions

A ceramic soleplate will give the smoothest gliding and best scratch resistance. More expensive models might also have a special coating for even better performance

Higher water capacities will mean faster ironing with less time to stop and fill up, but can also increase the weight of hand irons

A longer cord gives greater flexibility, particularly when ironing large items. (For steam generators this figure is the cord length from the hand iron to base unit)

A safety feature that turns the iron off after a period of inactivity

Reduces limescale build-up in your iron to help prevent spitting and clogging of the steam holes

Standard manufacturers warranty period from time of purchase

In Detail

This bright and breezy offering from Bosch does away with that rather sleek and butch (I am allowed to say that these days?) black colour scheme that they are famous for.

Brand on a Budget
With the 2633, Bosch are unashamedly tapping into the budget end of the market. Offering average power and steam output but from a dependable name in order to quite rightly, steer you away from those YingTong branded death-traps loitering in the bargain bins.

Sunday Ironer
Having a lower spec means it will be heavy going with a full family load of ironing, but for occasional use in a smaller household, it'll do just fine. Continuous steam of 30g and a shot of 90g isn't going to cut the mustard on thick corduroy curtains but shirts and trousers - no problem.

It's a Lightweight
I'm not having a go at the tech spec there, this iron is really light - it weighs in at just 1 kilo when empty of water. That's a good half kilo less than the average steam iron. Good news if you find ironing literally a bit of a pain. The cord length of 2.5 metres is quite good too; Some rivals only offer 2 metres for their budget offerings.

It's bright and colourful, is super lightweight, has a good length of cord and outputs enough steam for most items in your wardrobe (unless you're an astronaut or deep sea diver). It does lack auto-off, but it is a Bosch with good build quality and it won't blow up after the first use. Probably.

A budget price featherlight (almost) iron from a good brand with a ceramic soleplate

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