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Key Features

Full Specification

  • Watts:2800
  • Steam:60 g/min
  • Shot:180 g/min
  • Weight:1.32 kg*
  • Soleplate:Ceramic
  • Water:0.4 litres
  • Power Cord:2.85 metres
  • Auto Off:Yes
  • Anti-scale:Yes

* Hand iron weight without water

More Details

A new steam iron from Breville who are well known for stylish products at reasonable prices. This attractive iron has 2800 watts, higher than average for the price, which ensures the iron keeps up to temperature better.

Its steam output is quite impressive with up to 60g of continuous steam and a useful 180g steam shot when required. With all that steam it's just as well the water tank is larger than average at 400ml with an easy fill spout.

A safety auto-off comes as standard and a 3 metre cord and anti-scale complete an impressive specification. It's not the lightest iron around but is no heavier than similar models.

A nice little feature we've not seen before is safe-store - an indicator that tells you when the iron is cool enough to put away after use.

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Our Exclusive Review

Breville Press Xpress

Picture of Breville Press Xpress

Good Points

  • Very Powerful
  • Good Steam
  • Auto Off and Safe Store

Bad Points

  • Steam Burst when Resting on Heel
  • Limited Steam Settings


Very powerful with great steam output and many useful other features. A little over ambitious with the steam sometimes but good value.

This iron is a recent addition to the Breville range has a long list of desirable features and a fairly low price. Its stand-out feature is the power output of 2800 watts instead of the more usual 2400 you get at this price level, which means the iron will be better able to keep the soleplate at just the right temperature.

This Chinese made iron has a bright purple case though it does feel a little plasticky. A large filling hole is welcome – especially as there is no beaker provided (even though there is space in the box). The main dial is easy to use and has a nice clicking action. Underneath, there is a fairly standard ceramic soleplate.

It has a fairly high steam output of 60g continuous steam with a shot of 180g when you need it. Luckily the water tank is larger than average at 400ml so there's less filling up to do. A long cord and auto-off are also present, and an innovative "Safe Store" feature will let you know when the iron has cooled down sufficiently to be safely put back in the cupboard.

In Use

Breville Press XpressThose watts are certainly put to good use - from cold to maximum heat in just 42 seconds; the big red light indicating our desired temperature is set illuminates and we're good to go. We also waited no more than around 20 seconds in between heat-ups, often less than 10 seconds.

We welcome the larger than average water tank (about 50ml bigger than some rivals) but like so many irons it's difficult to see the remaining water level through the coloured casing.

When using the continuous steam, it does tend to "run on" a little after you've rested the iron on its heel sending a large jet of steam skywards – sometimes quite violently! The continuous steam output only appears to have three settings: none, half and full. We would have liked to seen some more inbetween settings.

We found the soleplate to be smooth and easy-gliding. When using the iron with steam, it's noisy-ish but no more than similarly priced irons.

The water spray produces a decent puff of mist in front of the iron and we also noted that true to its word the safety auto-off kicks in around 25 seconds when face down - the blue on light will flash to tell you this.

Safe Store

The safe store features is a nice touch. An indicator strip just above the soleplate will appear solid red when the soleplate is hot. As it cools, the words SAFE STORE will start to appear. When you can clearly see this text against a darker background the iron is safe to put away. In our experience, this took around 45 minutes from using the iron on the maximum heat setting.


We have seen this iron for sale as low as £30 which makes it a really good buy considering its features. Even at £40 it makes a good case for itself. The extra wattage means no hanging around for the soleplate to keep re-heating and it does produce good steam with no water drips that we could see. Some more steam settings would be nice and you just need to watch for those steam clouds when resting the iron.