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Morphy Richards332014 Auto Clean Power Steam Elite

Key Features
Morphy Richards 332014 Auto Clean Power Steam Elite
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A higher wattage allows the iron to heat up quicker and maintain that heat during your ironing session

Continuous steam output in grams per minute. Higher output = quicker ironing

A short, powerful burst of steam to penetrate deep into creased or thick fabric

Weight of the hand iron without water. Heavier irons can be more stressful on your wrist over long ironing sessions

A ceramic soleplate will give the smoothest gliding and best scratch resistance. More expensive models might also have a special coating for even better performance

Higher water capacities will mean faster ironing with less time to stop and fill up, but can also increase the weight of hand irons

A longer cord gives greater flexibility, particularly when ironing large items. (For steam generators this figure is the cord length from the hand iron to base unit)

A safety feature that turns the iron off after a period of inactivity

Reduces limescale build-up in your iron to help prevent spitting and clogging of the steam holes

Standard manufacturers warranty period from time of purchase

In Detail

THIS steam generator has a gargantuan 2.2 litre water tank - blinking 'eck, the kids could go swimming in it come the summer! Well, probably not actually but it's big alright. What else has the unit got to offer besides giving the water board palpitations every time you do the ironing?

This jumbotron can produce up to 170g of steam per minute at 5 bar pressure which although not class-leading is good for the price.

There's no steam shot as such, but a trigger button under the handle can blast out a bit of extra vapour if you need a bit of help conquering a troublesome crease.

There is a however a safety auto-off system and the iron locks to the base which makes it easy to carry - nice!

Clear icons and simple push button controls make it a 'cinch' to use, as the Americans would say.

Removing limescale is the bane of any iron owner's life - ignoring it altogether leads to brown spits and then a totally clogged up iron! But there's no laborious rinsing out here, nor any pesky cartridges to use.

Just let the iron do its own cleaning! When complete, empty the separate dirty water container and you're done.

Do watch out for your ironing board though - unless it's specifically made for a large steam generator (there are such things), it won't appreciate a 5kg hulk being plonked down onto it.

Alternatively use a nearby table, but bear in mind the power cord is only 2 metres long.

Good steam output and some nice features make this a capable steam generator for the average family ironing load and the auto-clean function should help if you live in a hard water area.

Jackie sent up her view of this iron:
"Have only used this once. Found the iron cumbersome to use. It glides forwards easily, but not backwards. Keeping my finger pressed on the continuous steam button a little uncomfortable. Ironing shirts and men's hankies took longer than a regular steam iron. I will persevere with duvet covers before considering sending it back."

Offers a huge water tank, hassle free self clean, auto off and good steam output

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