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PhilipsGC9650/80 PerfectCare Elite

Key Features
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  • 7.5bar Pressure and 500g Steam Shot
  • Very Lightweight Hand Iron
  • Fully Automatic
  • Big and Bulky
  • Hard to See Water Level
Philips GC9650/80 PerfectCare Elite
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Full Specification

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A higher wattage allows the iron to heat up quicker and maintain that heat during your ironing session

Continuous steam output in grams per minute. Higher output = quicker ironing

A short, powerful burst of steam to penetrate deep into creased or thick fabric

Weight of the hand iron without water. Heavier irons can be more stressful on your wrist over long ironing sessions

A ceramic soleplate will give the smoothest gliding and best scratch resistance. More expensive models might also have a special coating for even better performance

Higher water capacities will mean faster ironing with less time to stop and fill up, but can also increase the weight of hand irons

A longer cord gives greater flexibility, particularly when ironing large items. (For steam generators this figure is the cord length from the hand iron to base unit)

A safety feature that turns the iron off after a period of inactivity

Reduces limescale build-up in your iron to help prevent spitting and clogging of the steam holes

Standard manufacturers warranty period from time of purchase

In Detail

This hugely powerful steam generator is pretty much top of the Philips range, which is no mean feat considering there are blinking loads of them!

It has just about every feature and refinement that you can find in a steam iron. For starters, it dispenses continuous steam up to at 150g minute and a shot of steam at a truly epic 500g per minute which is probably enough to crush creases in concrete let alone any type of fabric you're likely to come across.

With all that steam production it's just a well there is a 1.8 litre water tank that you can refill even when in use. The OptimalTemp technology automatically sets the right heat and steam output for the fabric being ironed, with a guarantee of no burning even on delicates like silk. Another great feature is the very light hand iron at just 0.8 kilos. The average hand iron is around 1.3 to 1.5 kilos (without water) while some steam generator irons can weigh between 1 and 1.2 kilos. Bad news is the unit as a whole is a hulking great 5kilos.

The only thing this unit seemingly doesn't do is make you a cup of tea while you're ironing! Actually ... just thinking about it, with all that boiling water around it could do! There's a new innovation in steam generators right there - expect to see it soon...

One of the most powerful steam irons with 7.5bar steam pressure and 500g/min. shot

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