Top 10 Steam Irons

Our Hand Picked Selections for December 2017

Welcome to our Top 10 charts for December with details of our top rated best buy steam irons and steam generator irons.

We've split it into two groups, with the 5 best models of each type. If you're looking for a new iron, this is a great place to start!

We have rated irons on price and performance, taking into account any special offers available. (Prices and details correct at time of publication)

Top Steam Irons


Breville Press Xpress around £37 »

Breville Press XpressThis is a great little iron with an unusually high wattage for the low price. From cold to max heat in just 42 seconds is super quick, and the steam output is decent too. Auto off is included too - a nice bonus.

High wattage, auto off, great value »


Russell Hobbs 20630 Powersteam Ultra around £45 »

Russell Hobbs 20630 Powersteam UltraThis represents a real step up for Russell Hobbs - not just their most powerful iron but with 3100 watts on tap, pretty much as powerful as you can get. Steam output is as good as more expensive irons too, and auto-off and a 3 metre cord are welcome features. Good value for money, usually priced betwen £35 and £40)

Very powerful, good steam, good value »


Russell Hobbs 23300 Freedom Cordless around £45 »

Russell Hobbs 23300 Freedom CordlessCordless irons continue their revival with this brand new iron from Russell Hobbs. With 40g of continuous steam it's as good as most other corded irons, and with a quick charge base station interruptions are kept to a minimum. It even has auto-off and is well priced.

Cord free, auto off, good steam output »


Russell Hobbs 21530 Extreme Glide around £30 »

Russell Hobbs 21530 Extreme GlideUsually priced under £30 which makes it great value as it's high specification includes up to 150g/min steam, a 2.5 metre long cable and an auto-off safety feature.

High spec and low price »


Tefal Ultraglide FV4040 around £40 »

Tefal Ultraglide FV4040A budget iron from a well known manufacturer, but one that doesn't cut too many corners in trying to keep the cost around £30. It's got a ceramic soleplate and 2400 watts of power along with safety-auto off. Cord is nice and long at 3 metres, and this cheap iron is a much better choice than those even cheaper brands you've never heard of.

Low price but includes auto off and ceramic soleplate »

Top Steam Generator Irons


Braun IS5044 CareStyle 5 around £150 »

Braun IS5044 CareStyle 5Top of the Braun Carestyle range of steam generators thanks to price competition it's cheaper than some lower models in the range! You get fully automatic controls, huge steam output of up to 360g, a decent water tank and full 6 bar steam pressure. A good choice for steam generator novices and experts alike.

Lots of steam, auto controls, great value »


Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite 332014 around £130 »

Morphy Richards Power Steam Elite 332012This big Morphy Richards has plenty of features for a low price. The auto-clean feature makes banishing lime-scale easy and hassle-free and there's a big 2.2 litre tank to ensure you don't keep running out of water. The auto off safety is a welcome extra and the iron locks to the base to make carrying easier.

The iron that can clean itself »


Philps GC8735/80 PerfectCare around £190 »

Philps GC8735/80 PerfectCarePhilips pioneered automatic controls, and this smart unit has the latest version of their OptimalTEMP technology which controls the heat and steam for you - a 'smart iron' if you wish. With no controls apart from a steam boost trigger you just move the iron. Huge water tank and steam pressure plus auto-off and it's well priced too.

A 'Smart Iron' in a smart package »


Tefal GV962 around £170 »

Tefal GV8962This isn't their most powerful steam generator, but it's got plenty of oomph and a clever calc-clean facility. Auto-off is present and the water tank is a very generous 1.8 litres in size. Fully automatic controls mean no worrying about steam and heat settings. Good value for the features on offer.

Powerful enough for most »


Morphy Richards Power Steam Pro 330009 around £150 »

Morphy Richards Power Steam Pro 330009Like a lot of manufacturers, Morphy Richards has a bafflingly large range of irons that at first glance seem similar. This one is easy though - the varied attachments that come with it turn this capable steam generator into a multi-function steam cleaner for all areas of the home. More expensive than it used to be but multi-function steamers like this are quite hard to find.

Doubles as a fully functioning steam cleaner »

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