Washing Advice

Before using your new steam iron or steam generator on your clothes you need to wash them! Here are some tips on ensuring you get perfect wash every time.

  • Sort the wash by colour avoiding mixing coloured items with whites. Also, try to sort by fabric type, keeping smooth garments away from those which might shed fibres like fleeces.
  • Choose the right detergent for the wash (eg: white, coloured, delicate etc) and amount of detergent as recommended on the instructions.
  • Always use fabric conditioner. Not only does it make clothes smell nice, but it removes static and reduces creasing which makes them easier to iron.
  • Put delicate items into a loosely tied pillowcase to protect them in the wash.
  • Remember to check and empty all pockets for things like keys, tissues, money, lottery tickets!
  • Don't overload your machine. Clothes need space to move around in the water in order to be properly cleaned.
  • Refer to the garment labels and select the right wash and spin cycles. taking special care not to use a temperature that is too hot. By choosing the right wash cycle, you'll also ensure that your clothes get the correct level of agitation - the wash action of the machine moves backwards and forwards at different rates as well as spinning around. Delicate fabrics are especially susceptible to damage if you ignore the care label.
  • Once the wash has finished, promptly remove garments from the washing machine. Shake and hang on the line or tumble dry to avoid creasing.
  • Leave the door of the washing machine open for a while for moisture to escape. This will prevent bad odours and mould from forming inside the machine.

How to handwash a delicate garment

Read its label carefully and if it says 'hand wash only' here's what to do:

  • Pre-treat all spots and stains according to care label instructions.
  • Fill a basin with warm water. It should be comfortable on the hand - not too cool or hot.
  • Add mild hand washing or a detergent suitable for delicates and mix thoroughly.
  • Add clothes and allow them to soak.
  • Squeeze suds gently through fabric. DO NOT RUB.
  • Rinse several times without wringing or twisting.

Did You Know?

Several brands of white trainers can go in the washing machine. Check on the packaging when you buy a new pair. You should remove the laces first and add them to the wash loose to ensure their whole length is cleaned.