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Tuesday 16 July 2024


Tefal Halves Your Ironing Time

Tefal SV6110 Steam Generator

It might be the entry level model in the range, but the Tefal SV6110 steam generator is not short of power nor extra features.

With double the steam output of a traditional hand iron and 1.4 litres of water to keep you going, this unit is a big time saver and the perfect balance of convenience and power.

The steam output will defeat even the most stubborn of creases, and there's even an auto-off safety feature!

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Bosch Stop Making Steam Irons

It's official - one of the world's top brands has withdrawn from the steam iron and steam generator market.

BSH, Bosch's parent company, sold its steam iron business, including factories and all IP to Spanish appliance group BB Trends back in 2018.

The deal included an agreement for BB Trends to continue producing Bosch branded irons for a certain timeframe - which looks to now be completed.

BB Trends manufacture irons under the brands Di4 and Zelmar, although we have not seen any being retailed here in the UK.

If you are a potential Bosch customer, we would personally recommend Tefal and Philips products as close alternatives.

Folding Stuff - An Uber Trendy Compact Ironing Board

Joseph Joseph Pocket Ironing Board

It is easy to put off the ironing chores, not least because getting the cumbersome board out and manhandling it into place takes so much effort.

Well, with this new folding table-top board from uber stylish homeware brand Joseph Joseph, you don't have that excuse anymore!

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Where in the World - are Steam Irons Made?

Where steam irons made map

We are asked on a monthly if not weekly basis "which steam irons are not made in China?"

It appears that no steam irons are made in the UK any more as a lot of manufacturing - especially of electronic goods - has migrated east, predominantly to China.

However, we've done some research and found that a sizable minority are made elsewhere - and some of the locations might surprise you!

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Board Room Challenge - Minky Ironing Board Review

Minky Ironing Board

Does this popular ironing board stand up in the living room?

We look at this great value ironing board that has a range of useful features and it's made in the UK to boot!

The mesh design helps steam pass through while the cover features a special metallised area to reflect the heat back. With such a range of height adjustments, you can even iron sitting down!

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Kick the Bucket with the New Speed Mop from Flash!

Flash Speed Mop

Glide over floors with this new mop from Flash that uses wet pads instead of a traditional mop head and bucket.

We review this versatile floor cleaner that can be taken apart and stored under the sink when you've finished with it.

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Bosch Banishes BO

FreshUp Fabric Refresher

Do you find it a waste of time and energy washing and ironing clothes that have only been lightly worn? Perhaps the Bosch FreshUp Fabric Refresher is the solution.

This innovative new handheld device can remove odours and generally freshen up clothing - even while you are still wearing them!

Simply glide over garments for a few minutes and let the plasma technology break down odour molecules thus eliminating those unwanted pongs.

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Water, Water Everywhere! It's All The Same Isn't It?

Water for Steam Irons

It's confusing - with such a myriad of water types available like distilled, perfumed, de-ionised etc.

Prolong the life of your steam iron by learning about the different types of water and how it can affect your steam iron or steam generator iron.

We answer your questions such as “Can I use tap water in my iron?” and “What type of water is suitable for steam irons?”

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Find Your Perfect Iron - 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Steam Iron or Steam Generator

Find your Perfect Steam Iron or Steam Generator

Choosing a new appliance is always a difficult process when you are not familiar with the different product lines, features and jargon.

Here is summary guide to the 5 most important things to look for when buying a new steam iron or steam generator iron.

Get up to speed in no time and find that perfect iron for your needs!

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Auto Off: What Does it Mean and What Does it Do?

Auto Off

Many irons are now coming with an auto shut-off safety feature as standard, but what exactly does it do and is it worth the extra cost?

Here we look at the benefits of such a feature - if you have young children or are often distracted while ironing it could be worth reading!

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How to Clean Your Steam Iron

How to Clean Your Steam Iron

It's important to keep your steam iron in tip-top condition to improve its longevity and ensure that it always performs as well as the manufacturer intended.

Read our tips on how to descale your iron from that pesky (and damaging limescale) and also advice on how to clean sticky soleplates using just salt and tin foil!

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Lost your instruction manual? Just download a new one!

Download Instruction Manuals for Steam Irons

It's all too easy to misplace instruction books for appliances, but in most cases they are quite easy to use these days so these booklets aren't always necessary.

However, at some point down the line you may want to clean your iron, or wonder what that flashing light means.

If you can't find your instruction book any more, we've collected all the OFFICIAL links for popular makes here.

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These UK Ironing Habits Might Surprise You!

UK Ironing Habits

Did you know that almost 20% of Brits like to iron their underwear?

Read about this and other fascinating facts in our great ironing survey.

The results are in, we've crunched the numbers and produced a nice infographic of the results.

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Steam Irons: all you need to know

person ironing an item

Here is a quick summary version of our exclusive buyers guide - read the full version here

Steam Irons
Emit lower rate continuous steam, but often have higher "burst shots" for stubborn creases

Steam Generator Irons
A hand held iron is coupled to a separate unit with a large water tank producing higher rates of continuous steam for longer. Much more powerful burst shots too. Can halve time spent at the iron

Steam Output
Measured in grams per minute, continuous steam is a constant output; a steam shot is a higher, short burst

Ceramic is best and gives smoother gliding and more scratch resistantance

Heat Settings
In addition to the basic temperature presets, some irons can automatically regulate temperature and steam for different fabric types

The higher the watts the quicker the iron heats up and maintains temperature

Cord Length
Longer cords (up to 3 metres) will give more flexibility when ironing larger items

Vertical Steam
Allows you to iron curtains and clothes as they hang in place

Auto Off
A safety feature that switches the iron off after a period of inactivity

Choosing the Right Iron
There are many irons on the market, but when it comes to deciding whether you need a steam iron or a steam generator, and how much steam output to go for, there are three main things to review: the size of your average ironing load, the types of fabrics and how often you use the iron.

Other factors include the length of the cable and anti-scale systems if you live in a hard water area. Then look for the best match within your budget.

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