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Saturday 16 October 2021

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19 March 2020

Dialling Up Ironing Success with Philips

A recent trend has been for steam irons to have automatic heat and steam controls, doing away with the traditional temperature selector dial.

These irons use a lower temperature but more powerful steam to get the job done.

But if you hanker after the satisfying click of a dial and fully manual controls, then this stylish Philips could be just the ticket.

It's a very powerful hand iron with 2600 watts of power and up to a 210g steam shot with 50g of continuous steam to crush those creases. It's sensibly priced too for the performance on offer. More Details

12 September 2018

This Breville knows when it's cool!

The Breville Press Xpress is packed with features, not least 2800 watts of power that really will let you xpress press through your ironing pile.

It also has auto-off and a clever indicator that tells you when the iron has cooled down enough to safely put away! Read our hands-on review

10 September 2018

Cheap steam irons - how to find a top performer on a budget

Don't get a dud! Buying cheap electrical items can often be pot-luck, and steam irons are no different. Here, we reveal a group of top-spec steam irons that won't break the bank - some real corkers for under £35. REVEALED: the best cheap steam irons

1 July 2018

Bosch banishes bugs!

An innovative new steam generator iron from Bosch that can remove up to 99.9% of bacteria from your clothing without having to use harsh chemicals or wash at high temperature.

The Bosch TDS8040GB ProHygenic is a top end steam generator with all the usual refinements that you'd expect such as a huge 500g steam shot and 7 bar pressure.

The ProHygenic mode uses a precise combination of temperature, steam pressure and intermittent steam shots to remove almost all bacteria from any ironable material. More details

1 June 2018

Boxing clever: No more hot iron accidents!

This new steam iron from Philips has a rather interesting feature - it comes supplied with a heat resistant box allowing you to store your iron immediately after use - particularly useful if you have small children around and are worried about leaving a hot iron out to cool down.More details

20 January 2018

Silence is golden - the latest trend for steam generators

Steam generators are great for powering through vast amounts of ironing with ease, they're not always too easy on the ear. Hush please!

Now, thankfully a couple of manufacturers have developed sound absorbing filters to bring you the same power but with a lot less noise with Rowenta claiming a noise reduction of 15 decibels.View silent steam generators

4 January 2018

Cutting the cord - cordless comeback

Think cordless irons are big, bulky and basically rubbish? Think again! Forget the wheezy old bricks of yesteryear that spent more time charging than ironing - today's cordless irons are stylish, modern and just about as powerful as a normal corded iron.See all cordless irons

5 December 2017

5 things to consider when buying a steam iron or steam generator

Choosing a new appliance is always a difficult process when you are not familiar with the different product lines, features and jargon. In addition to our comprehensive buyers guide, here is a quick run down of the 5 most important things to look for when buying a new steam iron or steam generator iron.Continue reading

15 October 2017

Steam irons for men

Yes, really! If you are looking to 'encourage' your other half to start doing some household chores, here is a roundup of 5 top irons and steam generators that wouldn't look out of place amongst men's stuff!Continue reading

30 September 2017

The importance of auto-off

Many irons are now coming with an auto shut-off safety feature as standard, but what exactly does it do and is it worth the extra cost? Here we look at the benefits of such a feature - if you have young children or are often distracted while ironing it could be worth reading!Continue reading

15 August 2017

Lost your instruction manual? Just download a new one!

It's all too easy to lose instruction books for appliances, but in most cases they are quite easy to use these days so these booklets aren't always necessary.

However, at some point down the line you may want to clean your iron, or wonder what that flashing light means. If you can't find your instruction book any more, we've collected all the links for popular makes below!

27 July 2017

Surfs up! Minky Ergo Pro ironing board

We look at this great value ironing board that has a range of useful features and it's made in the UK to boot! The mesh design helps steam pass through while the cover features a special metallised area to reflect the heat back. With such a range of height adjustments, you can even iron sitting down!Read review

1 April 2017

Register your appliances

It is important to register any new household appliances that you purchase for 2 very good reasons:

  • You may receive an extension to the warranty or guarantee period
  • You can be advised of any recalls that the manufacturer makes to a product if they have identified any potential problems with it

You can now do this easily through the website, Register my Appliance, and you'll also some useful household safety tips. It's run by AMDEA, who are an independent UK trade association for the manufacturers of small and large domestic appliances.

2 March 2017

Distinctive - the masculine scented washing powder

Distinctive is a new biological, designer label safe, masculine scented washing powder - you don’t even add an extra fabric softener!

It's suitable for mixed loads and combines the opulence of amber with the calming notes of sandalwood. This tried and tested combination has been known for centuries as the ultimate blend for seduction! Visit website

7 January 2017

Bosch updates "UK's best selling iron"

Bosch have often taken the title of "UK's Best Selling Steam Iron" with their TDA5620GB model (also called the Sensixx B4 Power II so perhaps it's also the "UK's Longest Named Iron"!)

Now meet it's successor, the TDA3020GB, which also goes by the name of Sensixx DA30 Power III. Thankfully, most retailers only use the TDA reference!More details

1 December 2016

UK ironing survey 2016 - the results!

Ealier this year, we ran a survey to find out about the UK's ironing habits. We asked how much ironing people do, what else they do while ironing plus a couple of cheeky, fun questions too! Well, we've crunched the numbers and produced a nice infographic of the results.More details

Buying Advice

Steam Irons: all you need to know

Here is a quick summary version of our exclusive buyers guide - read the full version here

Steam Irons
Emit lower rate continuous steam, but often have higher "burst shots" for stubborn creases

Steam Generator Irons
A hand held iron is coupled to a separate unit with a large water tank producing higher rates of continuous steam for longer. Much more powerful burst shots too. Can halve time spent at the iron

Steam Output
Measured in grams per minute, continuous steam is a constant output; a steam shot is a higher, short burst

Ceramic is best and gives smoother gliding and more scratch resistantance

Heat Settings
In addition to the basic temperature presets, some irons can automatically regulate temperature and steam for different fabric types

The higher the watts the quicker the iron heats up and maintains temperature

Cord Length
Longer cords (up to 3 metres) will give more flexibility when ironing larger items

Vertical Steam
Allows you to iron curtains and clothes as they hang in place

Auto Off
A safety feature that switches the iron off after a period of inactivity

Choosing the Right Iron
There are many irons on the market, but when it comes to deciding whether you need a steam iron or a steam generator, and how much steam output to go for, there are three main things to review: the size of your average ironing load, the types of fabrics and how often you use the iron.

Other factors include the length of the cable and anti-scale systems if you live in a hard water area. Then look for the best match within your budget.

Read the Full Buyers Guide