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Bosch FreshUp Fabric Refresher

Bosch FreshUp Fabric Refresher

Do you find it a waste of time and energy washing and ironing clothes that have only been lightly worn?

Well, this innovative new handheld device from Bosch can remove odours and freshen up clothing - even while you are still wearing them!

Looking a bit like a wireless PC mouse, the FreshUp Fabric Refresher is the first portable odour removal device.

Simply wipe from side to side continuously while pressing down on the garment for a few minutes.

Bosch FreshUp Fabric Refresher
Handheld device for removing odour without washing

It uses plasma technology to break down odour molecules present on garment surfaces, thus eliminating unwanted pongs.

Suitable for removing body odour, smoke, food and pet odours and musty smells on most common fabric types, even delicates like silk.

It has handy USB charging, and a 4 hour charge will give 1 hour of usage.

Being compact and lightweight it is ideal for use out and about - maybe for a quick freshen up before going out after work.

Made in Germany, it retails for around £250 and is available from some retailers, and also Bosch directly: Bosch UK website


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