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4 January 2018NEWS

Ironing board reviews

Ironing Board ReviewsIt goes without saying that an ironing board is an essential requirement ironing but a lot of people don't give their choice of ironing board a lot of thought - it's important to get the right one for your circumstances, especially if you will be using a steam generator iron.

We're pleased to see that in recent months, some of the premium brands like Brabantia and Leifheit had some good price reductions - a good quality ironing board is safe, sturdy and just nicer to use.

Make sure you buy the best ironing board for your budget with our exclusive round-up of good quality boards that cover most size and price points. Here is a summary table of our current recommended ironing boards:

Name Size Price Height Adj. Iron Rest?
Argos Living Blue Pattern Design A/B £23 76-94cm Steam Iron
Minky Folding Ironing Board B £80 max 92cm None
Minky Ergo Prozone B £40 0-95cm Steam Iron
Brabantia Ice Water C £78 77-96cm Steam Gen.
John Lewis Silicone B £70 max 92cm Steam Iron
Brabantia Titan Oval D £63 63-102cm None
Leifheit Airsteam 72567 C/D £78 max 98cm Steam gen.
Philips GC240/05 Easy 8 C £100 70-94cm Steam Gen.

What to Look For

Ironing boards come in various sizes, and some boards are more adjustable than others particularly for height. You should take this into account if your are tall or if you like to iron sitting down. If you are short of space then you may want to consider a folding ironing board - rare but they are out there! Here are the main things to look out for:

Ironing Board Sizes
There are 5 standard ironing board sizes:

Size A: 110x30cm
Size B: 124x38cm
Size C: 124x45cm
Size D: 135x45cm
Size E: 135x49cm

Smaller boards are easier to store but ironing larger items such as sheets, will be more difficult. Also making things difficult, some manufacturers don't stick to the above measurements so a board might for example sit between B and C.

Most boards are height adjustable and some can 'remember' a height setting so that it locks into place at the same height every time the board is opened. Look for boards that have wide opening legs to make the unit more stable. Curved legs give more room if you want to sit at the board.

Cover and Mesh
A thick padded cover that gives a good tight fit is best for smoothest ironing and a metallic cover will reflect some heat back to the garment reducing your ironing time. A mesh board will allow steam to pass as opposed to a solid board where moisture can build up resulting in a soggy cover.

Iron Rests
Steam generator irons are much heavier than regular irons so your board must be able to cope both with the weight and size of the base unit. Look for boards that have a steam iron rest or steam generator unit holder. Otherwise, you are going to have to put your steam generator base unit on a nearby table.

Argos Living Blue Pattern Design, around £23

  • Size: 115 x 36cm (A/B)
  • Height adj: 76 - 94cm
  • Folded Height: 160cm
  • Mesh: Yes
  • Iron Rest: Yes
  • Steam Gen Rest: No

A cheap ironing board that is an odd size - somewhere between A and B sizes, but this works in it's favour as it's a decent width but quite short when standing up making storage easier. At just over 4kg it's really light so easy to carry around but may not be wobble-free on a smooth floor surface.

A steel mesh top lets steam pass though and there's a small iron rest - two good points given the cost. It's also height adjustable over a good range. Good value for an occasional ironer.

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Minky Folding Ironing Board, around £80

  • Size: 122 x 38cm (B)
  • Height adj: Max 92cm
  • Folded Height: 83cm
  • Mesh: Yes
  • Iron Rest: No
  • Steam Gen Rest: No

With a folded height of just 93cm and a lower than average weight of 5kg this is an ideal choice if you are short of space or find regular ironing boards too big to lug around. There's a carrying handle and a locking clip which keeps the board closed when stored.

The folding mechanism is easy to use and the board is quite sturdy when open. The cover is a bit on the thin side but there is a mesh underneath though to help steam pass through.

Minky Ergo Prozone, around £40

  • Size: 122 x 38cm (B)
  • Height adj: 0 - 95cm
  • Folded Height: 160cm
  • Mesh: Yes
  • Iron Rest: Yes
  • Steam Gen Rest: No

Often the number 1 best selling ironing board on, a good 38cm width really helps with ironing larger items. There's a mesh board which helps steam pass through and the steam rest is useful for holding your iron (though strong enough for a generator).

The board is lightweight so easy to carry around, though some people think it is a little unsteady particularly on shiny floors (tiles, laminate) but is quite stable on a carpet. The ProZone cover is metallised to reflect heat back to the garment being ironed. We often use this board ourselves - the wide height adjustment range means you can use it sitting down.

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Brabantia Ice Water, around £78

  • Size: 124 x 45cm (C)
  • Height adj: 77 - 96cm
  • Folded Height: 160cm
  • Mesh: Yes
  • Iron Rest: Yes
  • Steam Gen Rest: Yes

One of the most popular ironing boards on the market with excellent user feedback, and it's easy to see why. The thick steel legs and non-slip end caps make it rock solid, while the heavy duty iron rest is perfectly suitable for heavy steam generators.

There are 4 height adjustment settings that cover a wider range than usual and a child-lock is a nice safety feature. This is a very robust ironing board which does of course add to the weight, but it's not a bad compromise.

John Lewis Silicone, around £70

  • Size: 124 x 38cm (B)
  • Height adj: max 92cm
  • Folded Height: 157cm
  • Mesh: Yes
  • Iron Rest: Yes
  • Steam Gen Rest: No

With legs made from chromed steel this ironing board is both sturdy and attractive to look at. The plain grey cover (which is metallised underneath to reflect heat back) adds to the modern look as does the chrome iron rest.

It's height adjustable with 4 settings though some users think it doesn't go quite low enough to be used sitting down and the long legs make it quite tall for storage. The cover is quite plain but in keeping with the design and it's quite thick which is good.

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Brabantia Titan Oval, around £63

  • Size: 135 x 45cm (D)
  • Height adj: 63-102cm
  • Folded Height: 164cm
  • Mesh: Yes
  • Iron Rest: No
  • Steam Gen Rest: No

A large ironing board from Brabantia that's well constructed and with 35mm steel tube legs really sturdy and wobble-free. There's a huge range of height adjustment from 63cm to 102cm which makes it a good choice if you like to sit down when ironing while the maximum setting is good for tall people. The shape of the legs helps here too.

There's no separate iron rest hanging off the edge on this model, though at the large end of the board there is a special heat-resistant iron parking area that is suitable to leave the iron face down if you want.

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Leifheit Airsteam 72567 Premium, around £78

  • Size: 130 x 38cm (C/D)
  • Height adj: 75-98cm
  • Folded Height: 162cm
  • Mesh: Yes
  • Iron Rest: No
  • Steam Gen Rest: Yes

Another board that straddles two sizes: C and D in this case. It's short like a size C but wide like a size D which makes it a handy size (the extra width is really useful). It's been designed specifically for steam generators and so there's plenty of room to hold the unit and the board itself is of course mesh based.

The board is height adjustable to from 75cm to 98cm which makes it suitable for ironing while sitting, and at just over 5kg it's 25% lighter than comparable boards. Leifheit is a premium brand and this board has previous retailed at about £90.

Philips GC240/05 Easy 8, around £100

  • Size: 120 x 45cm (C)
  • Height adj: 70 - 94cm
  • Folded Height: 159cm
  • Mesh: Yes
  • Iron Rest: Yes
  • Steam Gen Rest: Yes

Philips have been on a bit of an innovation drive recently with their fully automatic PerfectCare steam generator range. Now they have turned their attention to the ironing board with the Easy 8. You'll notice the unique 'shoulder wings' that help when ironing shirts and retract when not in use.

The heat resistant iron tray is suitable for large steam generators as well as normal irons. There's plenty of storage too with a hanging rail underneath and a storage basket for the TV remote or your mobile!

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