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27 July 2017NEWS

Minky Ergo Prozone ironing board review

Minky Ergo Prozone Ironing BoardThe first thing you notice about this board is that it’s quite light to carry about and at 160cm tall when folded flat, it just fits in the wardrobe underneath the cloths rail. The second thing you’ll probably notice is that it’s very well shrink-wrapped!

Once unwrapped you’ll see the silver metallised cover which is supposed to help reflect heat back to the garment being ironed. The black and green colour scheme is stylish and modern (and quite unisex!) The height adjustment range is from 0cm (basically flat on the floor) right up to 94cm, which makes it particularly useful if you fancy sitting on your sofa to do the ironing! There’s a moveable grip to keep the iron cord out of your way, and the angled iron rest is really comfortable, though it’s not big enough for steam generators.

In Use

The mesh design of the board surface itself allows steam moisture to pass through rather than pool on the cover thus turning it soggy. There is a felt underlay between the cover and the mesh which makes for a fairly smooth ironing surface. On a carpet we noticed the board was quite stable while on a lino kitchen floor it was a little rocky. This was mostly remedied by rotating the pointed plastic end cap on the leg in question. Not sure if they’re supposed to do this though (you can easily pull the cap right off).


We found this to be a great board that had an excellent height adjustment range and was pretty stable on carpet at least. Normally retailing for around £40 it’s quite good value for what you get. We’ve seen it on sale recently for about £30 which makes it a bit of a bargain.


  • Board Size: 122x38cm (B)
  • Height Adjust Range: 0 to 95cm
  • Folded Height: 160cm
  • Mesh: Yes
  • Steam Iron Rest: Yes
  • Steam Generator Rest: No
  • Price: Around £40