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Morphy Richards332002 Auto Clean Power Steam Elite

Morphy Richards 332002 Auto Clean Power Steam Elite
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Key Features
  • Prices from £100.00
  • Strong 6.5 bar Pressure Steam
  • Hassle Free Auto Clean
  • Huge Water Tank
  • Big and Bulky
  • No Steam Shot
Full Specification

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A higher wattage allows the iron to heat up quicker and maintain that heat during your ironing session

Continuous steam output in grams per minute. Higher output = quicker ironing

A short, powerful burst of steam to penetrate deep into creased or thick fabric

Weight of the hand iron without water. Heavier irons can be more stressful on your wrist over long ironing sessions

A ceramic soleplate will give the smoothest gliding and best scratch resistance. More expensive models might also have a special coating for even better performance

Higher water capacities will mean faster ironing with less time to stop and fill up, but can also increase the weight of hand irons

A longer cord gives greater flexibility, particularly when ironing large items. (For steam generators this figure is the cord length from the hand iron to base unit)

A safety feature that turns the iron off after a period of inactivity

Reduces limescale build-up in your iron to help prevent spitting and clogging of the steam holes

Standard manufacturers warranty period from time of purchase

At a Glance

Great steam output, auto clean, huge water tank and strong 6.5 bar pressure



In Detail

Here's another mega-sized steam generator from Morphy with the water capacity of a small lake (actually 2.2 litres but the biggest on the market right now). That's gonna produce enough steam to shame even the Flying Scotsman.


Carry on Steaming, and on and on...

With all that water you can steam away to your hearts content without having to run to the tap every few minutes. There's up to 170g of steam per minute and although there's no steam shot, there is a trigger button under the handle to push out a bit more steam if you get to a tricky bit.

Hassle Free Auto Clean

Removing limescale is the bane of any iron owner's life - ignoring it altogether leads to brown spits and then a totally clogged up iron! But there's no laborious rinsing out here, nor any pesky cartridges to use. Just let the iron do its own cleaning! When complete, empty the separate dirty water container and you're done.

Carry Me Home

Another nice feature is the safety lock which locks the hand iron onto the base unit which makes it easier to carry - good because this is quite a big and bulky unit. As with all steam generators, think about storage and also suitability of your ironing board for this hulking unit. The power cord handily wraps around the base unit and is held in place with a cord clamp.

Spot the Difference

You might be wondering what the difference is between this iron and the similar 332014 which is also auto-clean, 2.2 litres water tank, 170g of steam, blah blah. Well, this unit has more powerful steam. 6.5 bar pressure in fact compared to 5 bar on the 332014, so the steam is pushed much deeper into the fibres of the fabric. It's also got a black 'n blue colour scheme which might better match your curtains/sofa/carpet.

The base unit features clear push button controls with 3 steam settings and there's some good feedback coming through - people like the lightweight hand iron, big water tank and powerful steam pressure. Auto clean is a useful addition if you are in a hard water area.

Note: Morphy Richards recommend that you use a mix of 50% tap water with 50% distilled or demineralised water in order to prevent limescale problems that would NOT be covered by the guarantee.

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