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Steam generators explained

Here are a few buying tips if you are new to steam generator irons:

The Power of Two
A steam generator consists of a base unit with a large water tank and some controls. A hand iron is attached to it and has two cables, one for power and one for steam. This setup has two advantages
The base unit is much more powerful and can produce better steam for longer
The hand iron is as much as 50% lighter than a regular iron

Half the Time
Because the steam produced is much more powerful, it can penetrate fabrics deeper, and the larger water tank will mean less time filling up. You could cut your ironing time down by half.

Bulking Up!
Because they are more powerful and can hold much more water, steam generator irons are much bigger and heavier than regular irons. Consider where you are going to store the unit when not in use.

You also need to think about your ironing board - it must be able to cope both with the weight and size of the base unit. Look for boards that are specially designed for steam generators.

Read our exclusive buyers guide for an in-depth guide to buying a steam iron or steam generator iron.