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Flash Speed Mop

Flash Speed Mop Review

Kick the Bucket with the Flash Speed Mop!
Glide over floors with this new mop from Flash that uses wet pads instead of a traditional mop head and bucket.


  • Easy gliding on surfaces
  • Can be taken apart for storage
  • Pleasant lemon scent
  • Not all dust and particles collected
  • Tubular sections have sharp edges

Slots of Fun

The mop itself comprises a flat mop head on a swivel joint, plus 4 tubular rods which slot together to make a 124cm (48") mop handle. It can be disassembled again for easy storage.

The wet mop pads wrap around the head and simply fix in place. 6 pads are supplied with the mop, and refills are available in packs of 12 or 24.

Flash Speed Mop

The pads are quite wet and a bit difficult to separate in the pack, but wrap easily around the mop head and have a light, lemon fragrance. One edge has a rougher texture for extra scrubbing action.

When you slot the handle parts together, you need to hold the tabs pressed in. We found it possible to trap your finger as the edge of the tubing is a little sharp.

Flash Speed Mop

In Use

It is lightweight and easy to use, but seems quite sturdy. The mop pads are quite hardwearing and you will probably only need to use 1 or 2 per wash depending on your floor size. We think they work better than a traditional mop head.

Suitable for tile, stone, laminate and finished wood surfaces, the mop glides smoothly over the floor and it's really easy to direct the head just where you need it thanks to the flexible 360 degree swivel joint.

It has a very smooth action, and it almost makes washing floors fun!

Lemon Lingers

We did notice that dust and dirt particles would clump together and mostly, but not always stick to the mop head, so you're going to need to go and pick these up manually with a paper towel afterwards.

In our test, matt floor tiles dry within 10 minutes while glossy tiles needed a few minutes longer. On glossy tiles we found it dried to a streak-free finish.

We easily washed a total floor area of 7 square metres with one pad in just a few minutes and the used mop pad simply peels off and goes in the bin. The pleasant lemon scent lingers long after the floor is dry.

Our Verdict

Flash Speed Mop

The SpeedMop is an easy gliding bucketless wet mop that is compact enough to fit into your undersink cupboard once disassembled.

The mop retails for around £10 with 6 pads, and a pack of 24 pads are around £6. Shop around though, we've seen the mop as low as £7.50 in Wilko and a set of 12 pads for £3 in Morrisons.


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