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Where in the World - are Steam Irons Made?

We are asked on a monthly if not weekly basis "which steam irons are not made in China?"

This is a reasonable question, not least because of all the supply chain issues we've experienced in recent months.

Steam Irons Made in the UK?

Much as we'd like to support UK manufacturing, it appears that no steam irons are made in the UK any more - a lot of manufacturing, especially of electronic goods has migrated east over the last few decades, predominantly to China of course.

People Also Ask ...

There is Hope!

However, we've done some research and found that a sizable minority are made elsewhere - and the locations might surprise you! So whether you want to know where Tefal or Philips steam irons are made or any of the other popular brands, read on.

Below we have highlighted where popular brands manufacture some of their irons - beware though, some of the cheaper models in their ranges might be made in China. We listed the model numbers we definitely know are made in the locations shown.

Note: Any links below will take you to more details about that iron if it is currently available.


  • Texstyle 7 Range: Hungary



If an iron you are considering buying is not listed above, then you can probably assume that it is made in China.

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